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March 2014

We have certainly dealt with quite the winter weather this year, but spring is just around the corner! We the arrival of spring we transition to a very important time of the school year. Students and teachers are working with an increased sense of urgency and focus to ensure all students are ready for end of grade testing and prepared for success next school year.

Spring is also the time we celebrate the achievements of our students and teachers. We are proud to recognize several staff members for their commitment to our students. Please join me in celebrating the accomplishments of these teachers.

MeckEd Teacher of the Year: This year we’ve nominated Ms. Bates  for this prestigious award. Her ability to inspire creativity, encourage innovation and engage her students has had a positive impact on all students in her classroom. Ms. Bates empowers her students to maximize the use of technology and consistently creates assignments using technology as a tool to address higher order thinking skills and 21st Century standards. Thanks for all you do for our fifth grade students Ms. Bates!

Project LIFT Executive Club: Ms. Medley and Ms. Roper are being recognized by the Project LIFT Governance Board for their positive impact on student achievement last year. They will participate in a special dinner complete with a limo ride on Wednesday, February 26! Way to go Ms. Medley and Ms. Roper!

Teacher of the Year: Mr. Roper was selected by our instructional staff to represent Allenbrook as Teacher of the Year. His commitment to our students and staff is evident daily. Mr. Roper not only serves the students in his classroom, but he also provides coaching to other teachers, leads professional development and provides after school tutoring for third graders. We are fortunate to have wonderful teachers like Mr. Roper at Allenbrook!

Teacher Assistant of the Year: Ms. Graham was selected by our instructional staff to represent Allenbrook as Teacher Assistant of the Year. Ms. Graham is instrumental to helping our school run! She helps out in the front office, provides informal mentoring for students and provides high quality classroom support. Ms. Graham is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure our students achieve their goals and for that we are tremendously grateful!

These staff members are a small sampling of the wonderful individuals that work with your children on a daily basis. They represent the great work that is happening day in and day out in service of high academic achievement for each and every student!

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