Overview of the Jam

Charlotte Global Shapers

This weekend event will give residents from throughout Charlotte the opportunity to identify issues and collaborate on solutions using design thinking processes. Located at The Junior League of Charlotte, 1332 Maryland Ave, Charlotte, NC 28209, the event will encourage innovations, create innovators, and provide an opportunity for various stakeholders throughout the community to collaborate on solutions to the city’s challenges. The Shapers believe #GovJamCLT will help Charlotte residents begin to make the increasingly important connections needed between government and those the public sector serves.

#GovJamCLT will be on June 12-14

Engaged citizens from around the globe will come together for 48 hours for The Global Gov Jam. This action packed, thoughtfully designed event will encourage worldwide conversation around a theme that has yet to be determined. The weekend’s outcomes will be entirely up to each team, but the hope is that viable prototypes will spawn continued collaboration.

Started by design thinkers and doers, a Jam intends to promote and spread the discipline of service design with its tools and methods. Think “jam session” without the music (well, there may be music, but we won’t be singing). Everyone is welcome to jam and the outcomes are driven by the teams formed during the initial meet-up. No idea is too big or too small.

The focus of the Jams is determined by a given by a theme/research, which can be abstract or very specific pending the goals of the Jam-type.  The theme is kept as a secret until the Jam starts- in order to ensure a level playing field.

Register for #GovJamCLT HERE.


A very special thank you to our sponsors, without whom very little of this would have been possible.