Manoj Govindan

Mr. Govindan is the Marketing and Strategic Partnership Executive for the Technology Innovation Portfolio (TIP) at Bank of America (BAC) where he is charting a disruptive yet result-oriented path to sustained innovation by straddling technology r&d and business development through strategic alliances. TIP helps the company swiftly and efficiently advance emerging technologies to solve for the company’s challenges/opportunities while leveraging its size, scale and spend in technology to exert strategic influence on the technology eco-system and recognizing and developing opportunities for revenue growth.

At BAC, Mr. Govindan has previously helped articulate a Global Operating Strategy and transform the Infrastructure organization into a Global Operating Model. Prior to that he was an active management and m&a consultant with such organizations as Wachovia, Duke Energy, Merrill Lynch, Ford, MetLife, Starbucks, Safeway and the State of New Mexico. He received his Bachelors in Engineering (Comp Sc.) from the Karnatak University of India and an Executive Fellows’ M.B.A. in crisis management from The Oakland Institute, CA.